Two-Factor Authentication

While most businesses employ some level of security to protect their systems and information, there is growing pressure for organizations to implement strong, two-factor authentication, particularly for newer remote channels that offer user convenience, but that open up new paths for unauthorized access and fraud. AMFCO Systems can implement a strong, two-factor authentication in your environment that strengthens your security posture to meet strict compliance regulations.

AMFCO Systems enhances your security with two-factor authentication on your network, Web, and applications-based resources. Depending on your balance of risk, cost, and user convenience.

We will implement the strong authentication solution that works best for your business.

  • Hardware authenticators (key fobs)
  • Software authenticators (an application on the existing user device, including mobile devices)
  • On-demand (phone-based text messaging and email)
  • PC-based applications

  • Security is not an option!

    Whether you are a smaller business or an enterprise organization, our industry-leading two-factor authentication solutions are managed services solutions that will give you the worry-free, trouble-free protection you need to comply with demanding industry and government regulations; and protect your information, your users, and your business from fraud.

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