Event Control Center

OPENweb expansion module for an optimal alarm management and the administration of all alarms and events. The Event Control Center (ECC) is the central software for visualization and handling of alarms and messages. It provides the possibility to configure user specific views for displaying the events. By this the user can see all relevant information directly. Besides the temporal logging of the acknowledgement it provides numerous additional possibilities for the handling of events like alarms and messages.

With OPENweb you can manage and monitor your building´s technical installations by easily understandable graphical illustrations easily, intuitively and error-free. Thanks to the modern web server-technology, access, display and the amount of information can be adapted to the needs and competences of the individual users.

The software OPENweb offers you the integration of your building´s technical installations and systems of different manufacturers. OPENweb guarantees the communication between bus systems and products through standardized interfaces.

OPENweb is a web server and is installed on PCs or high performance servers, depending on the plant- or building size.

The access and graphical operation are done via PCs, smartphones and Tablet PCs through network, WLAN or internet.

The information is displayed centrally via the Internet or intranet. You can either use your standard browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) or the DEOS proprietary visualization program OPENweb ControlPanel. Using OPENweb ControlPanel makes you independent of the updates of your browser provide

Fidelio Hotel booking system

Software module for linking the Hotel booking system Fidelio on OPEN EMS via BACnet protocol. This module makes the room allocation such as Check-In, Check-Out, and Pre-Check-In available as BACnet objects. Each BACnet device in the network can access on this information. Automatic selection and alignment of the room allocation on system start.

The scope of service and supply of OPENweb contains: Graphical process visualization:

    1. Individual display of installation graphics
    1. Process-orientated animation of graphic objects
    1. A multitude of supported graphic formats
  • Log book

    1. Various security access levels for different users
    1. Allocation of individual views for different users
    1. Logging of user operations
    1. Recording of parameter changes
  • Trend visualization

    1. Visualization and recording of trend data
    1. Unlimited number of trends in each diagram
    1. Individually adaptable selection of trend data
    1. Zoom function, print function and CSV-export
  • ESPA-X protocol

    Additionally the ESPA-X protocol (Enhanced Signaling Protocol for Alarm Processes) provides additional comfortable functions. It is a TCP/IP and XML-based communication protocol for the control of paging-wireless installations.

    Through the ESPA-X service in the event server and an external ESPA-X server, the following additional functions can be activated:

    1. Text-to-Speech, reading-out of text messages on mobile- and landline phones
    1. Real confirmation about the receipt of the notification. The event server receives a real transmission confirmation. Therefore one of the keys on the terminal has to be pressed as confirmation (depending on the type of ESPA-X-server).
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