Net Asset Value

Net Asset Value (NAV)

Regulatory requirements and customer demand are driving the need to generate accurate Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations and reporting. AMFCO TLM solutions deliver integrity and control to NAV reconciliation through improved automation.

TLM offers a data-agnostic, volume-insensitive solution, loading NAV data from any electronic source. By consolidating external data based on internal buckets through user-defined rules it helps to deliver a standardised NAV financial reconciliation approach.

Using TLM, institutions can bring together the various reconciliations such as security transactions, assets and liabilities and settled cash, to help provide greater visibility into the fund. By removing manually-intensive processes, errors and liabilities can be reduced and more formal customer/client reporting introduced.

Exceptions are automatically raised when pre-defined fund tolerances are exceeded to discover the causes of any discrepancies. Designed to achieve higher confirmation matching rates, TLM supports more efficient daily control and financial reconciliation processes, providing institutions with more time to resolve any remaining discrepancies.

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