Card Processing Control

Card Processing Controls

The reconciliation of card transactions remains reliant on spread sheets, multiple databases and historical data. As a result firms cannot actively monitor all card-related transactions on a daily or intra-day basis.

To manage and mitigate risk and lower processing costs banks must have systems and controls in place to monitor the full lifecycle of card transactions.

TLM Cards are unique, offering at its core an industry leading reconciliation engine coupled to a sophisticated investigation workflow to ensure efficient and effective resolution of unmatched items. As a result it delivers significant reductions in risk and enables firms to identify any problems such as replenishment, potential fraud and faulty machines, more efficiently, saving time and money.

Available as a standalone solution or as part of the existing TLM offering, it enables banks and ATM and POS deployers to automate the entire card transaction lifecycle, replacing manual activities with proven exception-based handling processes.

TLM Cards deliver a real-time operational control layer ensuring greater visibility into card transaction processing and enabling firms to manage different elements of card processing, from transaction authorisation through to issuer / acquirer settlement, inventory and invoice reconciliation.

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